4th November 2019


Can nosebleeds be a sign of something more serious?

Nosebleeds, especially repeated nosebleeds, may be a symptom of a more serious condition. Tumors of the sinuses or nose may cause nosebleeds that keep coming back. High blood pressure does not cause nosebleeds, according to the American College of Emergency Physicians, but hypertension can prolong bleeding.

People also ask, what causes bleeding nose at night?

The lining of your nose is especially likely to bleed because it's lined with many fragile blood vessels that lie very close to the surface. The causes of nighttime nose bleeds are the same as those of daytime nosebleeds. Here's a rundown of factors that could make your nose bleed at night, and how to prevent them.

Can nosebleeds be a sign of cancer?

While frequent nosebleedscan be a sign of a more serious problem, including cancer of the nasal cavity, getting nosebleeds once a month probably is not frequent enough to cause alarm. In general, nosebleeds are more common during winter months.
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