18th November 2019


Can mondo grass be planted in full sun?

If this is not possible, choose a spot with morning or evening sunlight. Although mondo grass tolerates full sun, intense sunlight during summer afternoons can harm the plant's foliage. Mondo grass will grow in full shade, but can get leggy rather than forming lush mounds.

Also know, is mondo grass a perennial?

Attractive clumps of stemless, dark green, grass-like leaves make a beautiful small-scale groundcover or low border. Tiny spikes of lilac flowers appear in summer. This care-free, easy to grow perennial is ideal for adding texture to the garden. Evergreen.

How far apart do you plant black mondo grass?

Spacing. Space the dwarf mondo grass sprigs 6-8 inches apart, or if you want faster coverage, space 3-4 inches apart.

Is mondo grass invasive?

That would be so-called 'black Mondo grass', which despite its common name, is a different species of plant within the Ophiopogon genus. Ah, but some other members of the Ophiopogon genus, like Aztec grass, are aggressive and highly invasive.
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