4th December 2019


Can mold grow in fiberglass insulation?

Cellulose insulation is paper based, but it is also treated with chemicals (borates) that suppress mold growth. Fiberglass does not support mold growth, but it gets dirty, and the dirt grows mold, and it is often paper faced and this paper grows mold.

Likewise, what happens to foam when it gets wet?

Open cell spray foam insulation will still dry completely after getting wet. In addition, because spray foam is not a “food” for mold, there is little danger of mold becoming a problem even if it gets wet. Closed cell foams also do not absorb water, which is very beneficial in flooding zones.

Is cellulose insulation waterproof?

Cellulose Insulation & Water Damage. Blow-in cellulose insulation is manufactured from recycled newspaper and treated with borate to render it fireproof and insect-proof. It's not waterproof, but that's usually not a problem unless the roof leaks, a pipe bursts behind a wall or a levee is breached during flood season.
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