Can lower back pain cause pain in hip?

Most lower spine problems are caused by a herniated disc that presses on nerves in the spinal column. This produces the pain known as sciatica, which can be felt in the hip. Is limited to your back, buttocks or hip. Shoots down your leg.

Where does it hurt when you have hip arthritis?

In the absence of a recent trauma, hip pain in adults is most often caused by some form of arthritis. The hip connects the torso to the leg, and hip-related pain may not be felt directly at the hip. Instead, pain may be felt in the groin, down the thigh, inner knee, buttock or lower back.
  • Is banana not good for arthritis?

    A) Bananas are recommended as part of a healthy diet and for the vitamin B6 they contain (as well as lots of potassium). However, bananas are also discouraged by some websites as aggravating arthritis.
  • What is the best painkiller for arthritis pain?

    Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs called NSAIDs help relieve joint swelling, stiffness, and pain -- and are among the most commonly used painkillers for people with any type of arthritis. You may know them by the names such as ibuprofen, naproxen, Motrin, or Advil.
  • What vitamins are good for arthritis?

    • 1 / 9 Arthritis Pain Relief. There are dozens of supplements that claim they're effective arthritis treatments, but can they really help improve your arthritis pain?
    • 2 / 9 Glucosamine.
    • 3 / 9 Chondroitin Sulfate.
    • 4 / 9 SAM-e.
    • 5 / 9 Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
    • 6 / 9 MSM.
    • 7 / 9 Vitamin C.
    • 8 / 9 Devil's Claw.

Updated: 18th October 2018

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