26th November 2019


Can I watch Xfinity on my Xbox one?

Comcast never launched an Xfinity app for the Xbox One, but other cable TV providers do have apps for Microsoft's console, including Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS TV, and AT&T's U-Verse. In addition, several cable TV networks have their own Xbox One and Xbox 360 apps, including HBO, Showtime, Epix and many more.

How do I watch Sky on my Xbox one?

Download the Sky app
  1. On your console, sign in with your Xbox Live-enabled gamertag.
  2. Go to apps and select Browse Apps or Search Apps.
  3. Browse or search for Sky.
  4. Select the Sky app, and then select Download and then Confirm Purchase to download and install the app.

What does IR mean on the Xbox one?

Xbox One uses the Kinect to control your home theater equipment through infrared (IR) signals, the same technology used in remote controls. If you're having trouble controlling your home theater from Xbox One, and all other troubleshooting has failed, you can use an IR extension cable to control your home theater.
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