Can I use dimmable light bulbs without a dimmer?

Can I use dimmable LED bulbs / lamps with just an On/Off switch (without a dimmer) ? Yes - This is a good idea if you are thinking of upgrading to a dimmer in the future. Ensure you buy a LED compatible dimmer. Non-dimmable bulbs should NOT be used with a dimmer.

Can you use LED bulbs with a dimmer switch?

If you'd like your LED to be dimmable, you need to do one of two things: find LED bulbs compatible with traditional dimmers, or replace your current dimming switch with a leading-edge (LED-compatible) dimmer.
  • Can you put a dimmer switch on a fluorescent light?

    Only if the fixture has a dimmable ballast. If you're using compact fluorescents, those have to be rated as “dimmable” otherwise it will not work at all. Generally even dimmable fluorescents only dim partially - to dim down to 10% generally requires a professional grade and significantly more expensive ballast system.
  • Can you use fluorescent bulbs in incandescent fixtures?

    Since CFLs uses a fourth the electricity of a comparably bright incandescent, they produce far less heat. So you can use a compact fluorescent bulb that gives more light (lumens) than an incandescent as long as it doesn't consume more electricity (watts) than the fixture recommends.
  • What is a e26 light bulb?

    E26 is the size of most light bulbs used in the U.S. It's referred to as having a “medium” or “standard” base. E12 is the smaller “candelabra” base. It's used for nightlight bulbs, and sometimes for decorative light bulbs used in chandeliers and over bathroom mirrors.

Updated: 18th November 2019

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