4th December 2019


Can I use a computer without a hard drive?

Although a hard drive is typically where an operating system is installed, there are a number of ways you can run a computer without one. Computers can be booted over a network, through a USB drive, or even off of a CD or DVD.

Moreover, do all computers require an operating system?

The operating system's job. Your computer's operating system (OS) manages all of the software and hardware on the computer. Most of the time, there are several different computer programs running at the same time, and they all need to access your computer's central processing unit (CPU), memory, and storage.

What does it mean when there is no operating system?

It's easy to assume that a computer without an operating system is as useful as a cup of coffee without the cup. Also keep in mind that your home computer is most likely a single-user, multitasking operating system. That means you only have one processor, but it can run many programs at once.

Can you run a computer without a CPU?

LOL without the processor you can't turn on the computer. You can try. The CPU is needed to run the computer, but not needed for power to flow.
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