31st August 2018


Can I transfer Starbucks eGift to card?

It's so quick and easy. You can email a Starbucks eGift Card any time – and it'll arrive within minutes. Once received, a Starbucks eGift Card can be spent on anything at Starbucks or even transferred to a registered Starbucks Card. It's the smarter way to give a gift.

Consequently, how do I add a Starbucks gift card to my wallet?

Here's how to enable Passbook in Starbucks 2.4:
  1. Update to iOS 6 (if you haven't already)
  2. Update to Starbucks 2.4 via the App Store.
  3. Launch the Starbucks app and touch Card > Manage > Add Card to Passbook.
  4. Optional: Select Stores > Set a Favorite Store.
  5. Walk into your local Starbucks and look on your iPhone lock screen.
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