2nd October 2019


Can I refuse a paternity test as a mother?

Unfortunately, sometimes legal action is your only option. If a mother refuses to determine paternity, a court can order a paternity test in order to gain visitation or custody rights, or to prove you are not the father in a situation where your name appears on the birth certificate.

Moreover, can you refuse to take a paternity test?

You have the right to refuse to take a DNA test requested by DHHS. But, if you refuse, DHHS can go to court and ask the judge to order you to be tested. If you still refuse testing, the judge can decide that you are the parent.

Can a woman deny a man a paternity test?

Keep in mind that in most states, a possible father can only contest paternity if he does so within a specific time frame, so, if a woman refuses a paternity test, it's extremely important for any man who questions paternity to request a test before the baby's born or as soon as possible afterwards.

How do you get a court ordered paternity test?

DNA testing is reliable even if only the father and the child are tested. When the mother is unwilling to admit that a man is the father, then he must petition the court for an order declaring him to be the father. He must first determine which state has jurisdiction over paternity.
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