Can I hurt my baby by working out?


Updated: 2nd October 2019

The first thing that most newly pregnant exercisers worry about is miscarriage—thanks to age-old myths that have women believe that a bout of strenuous exercise can harm the baby. Heavy exercise isn't going to hurt your baby, but it will tire you more quickly than it did pre-pregnancy.

Subsequently, one may also ask, how much a pregnant woman should walk daily?

NHS guidelines recommend walking for 150 minutes a week in pregnancy, which is a 30-minute walk, five times a week (Start 4 life nd). If you only walk now and then, you won't get the benefits of regular exercise.

Can you run on the treadmill while trying to get pregnant?

Making exercise a regular habit before trying to conceive can help you feel good throughout your pregnancy, have more stamina for labor and delivery, and shed the baby weight faster. Exercise may even improve your fertility if you're struggling to conceive due to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or are overweight.
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