28th November 2019


Can I get a MAC address from an IP address?

It is usually not possible for a person to get the MAC address of a computer from its IP address alone. However, computers connected to the same TCP/IP local network can determine each other's MAC addresses. The technology called ARP - Address Resolution Protocol included with TCP/IP makes it possible.

Beside this, can I ping a MAC address on the network?

ANSWER: The answer is no, you can not ping MAC address directly. If you have a network printer connected to your LAN but you can not ping it. The printer may be in your network and you probably are just pinging the wrong ip address for that printer.

How do you find the MAC address of a device?

To find the MAC address of your Android phone or tablet:
  1. Press the Menu key and select Settings.
  2. Select Wireless & networks or About Device.
  3. Select Wi-Fi Settings or Hardware Info.
  4. Press the Menu key again and choose Advanced. Your device's wireless adapter's MAC address should be visible here.

How do I find WiFi MAC address?

How to get WiFi/Wireless MAC address under Windows
  1. Click on the Start Menu, then select the Run item.
  2. Type cmd in the text field.
  3. A terminal window will appear on the screen. Type ipconfig /all and return.
  4. There will be a block of information for each adapter on your computer. Look in the description field for wireless.
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