30th June 2020


Can feline AIDS be cured?

Can Feline AIDS be cured? Unfortunately, the FIV virus cannot be killed and there is no cure. Once there is immunodeficiency present, and your cat has developed Feline AIDS, treatment is aimed to help stop infections and give supportive care until the disease is fatal, or your cat needs to be euthanased.

Just so, can cats recover from FIV?

Most cats recover with no treatment, and are rarely presented for veterinary care in this stage. As their CD4+ cells reach very low levels, the third stage of disease develops, and cats may show signs of their illness. Many FIV-infected cats are healthy, like Buster, and remain in the subclinical stage for years.

Additionally, is FIV painful for cats?

The symptoms following infection with the virus are usually mild. The cat may have a mild fever for a few weeks and there may be enlargement of the lymph nodes (the little lumps often referred to as “glands”). But often, cats infected with FIV appear completely normal.

Can a cat with FIV live with other cats?

FIV is not easily transmitted between cats. Therefore, other than ensuring that there is no fighting and biting, most cats with FIV can live happily with one or two other cats and never spread their virus.

What is the average lifespan of a cat with FIV?

How long will an FIV-positive cat live? Unfortunately, a cat infected with FIV is likely to die younger than an uninfected cat. The lifespan depends somewhat on how lucky the cat is in avoiding secondary infection. 10 to 12 years is not uncommon, but neither is 2 to 3 years.
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