2nd October 2019


Can cryotherapy help you lose weight?

Cryotherapy spas claim a single session burns hundreds of calories and that repeated use can boost your metabolism, helping you burn more calories all day. "Being cold does boost metabolism by trying to warm the body," but it's a stretch to sell it as a weight-loss therapy, Schriner says.

Similarly one may ask, what is cryotherapy good for?

Cryotherapy is a pain treatment that uses a method of localized freezing temperatures to deaden an irritated nerve. Cryotherapy is also used as a method of treating localized areas of some cancers (called cryosurgery), such as prostate cancer and to treat abnormal skin cells by dermatologists.

What are the advantages of cryotherapy?

However, preliminary studies suggest that cryotherapy may offer the following benefits:
  • Pain relief and muscle healing.
  • Weight Loss.
  • Reduced inflammation.
  • Preventing dementia.
  • Preventing and treating cancer.
  • Reducing anxiety and depression.
  • Improving symptoms of eczema.
  • Treating Migraine Headaches.

How long do the effects of cryotherapy last?

“After the short cryotherapy stimulation, the effects last from six to eight hours, where the muscle spasticity is being reduced, when you feel endorphins release and adrenaline release. Then if you do 10-20 treatments, the effects last around two to three months," Fryben said.
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