18th November 2019


Can candles catch on fire?

Chuck in a few candles and melt them. Although the string wick of a candle is obviously flammable, that's not what's burning. The wax gets drawn up the wick, catches fire, and disperses in the air. The tiny particles of wax that caught fire create a small ball of flame.

In this regard, how many fires are started by candles each year?

Candles cause an estimated 15,600 house fires, 150 deaths, and 1,270 injuries each year. A candle flame may be small, but you should treat it as you would any other flame – with care.

Can a glass candle cause a fire?

The heat from the flame could cause the container to crack. Handle burning container candles with care. The melted wax and flame can cause the containers to be too hot to handle. Glass containers are particularly fragile and heat concentrated in one area could cause the glass to break.

Why is the flame of my candle so high?

My candle is smoking. Because the wick is drawing oil from the candle wax, this means that a buildup is created within the wick, as the flame fails to burn as much oil as it's taking in. When the flame gets high again, it burns too much fuel, resulting in the smoke and soot you see.
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