26th October 2019


Can birth control pills make you infertile?

No – there's no evidence that long-term use of the birth control pill interferes with fertility. Researchers have also found that long-term Pill use may improve the symptoms of endometriosis, a condition that can cause abnormal menstrual bleeding and result in infertility.

So, can birth control prevent you from getting pregnant in the future?

All reversible birth control methods will help prevent pregnancy while you're using them, but none have long-lasting effects on your ability to get pregnant when you stop. Women who quit the patch, ring, or IUD get pregnant at similar rates. Contrary to popular myth, modern IUDs do not hurt your future fertility.

Can birth control boost fertility?

As for the notion that it takes several months for ovulation to “kick in” after stopping the Pill—it's simply not true. The good news about the Pill and pregnancy is that oral contraceptives can actually give you a boost in preserving your fertility by lowering your chances of getting uterine and ovarian cancer.
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