25th November 2019


Can a pregnant woman pass through a metal detector?

Passing through an airport security portal does not pose a risk to a pregnant woman or her unborn child. The metal detector is not known to pose any health risk to individuals. The devices used to scan your carry-ons are very well shielded so there is no risk from passing by those, either.

Accordingly, can metal detectors harm fetus?

For this reason, a lot of passengers, including pregnant women opt for a pat-down search instead, which is much safer. The radiation of walk through metal detectors is in most situations considered safe, and even accidental exposure to rays in baggage handlers will not cause any harm.

Are metal detectors safe for babies?

If you are carrying your child through the metal detector and the alarm sounds, the security officer will have to screen both you and your child. There is no radiation from the walk-through machines; these machines are basically electromagnetic metal detectors and are safe for infants and for pregnant women.

Do airport body scanners use radiation?

There are two types of full-body scanners, millimeter-wave scanners and backscatter x-ray scanners. Millimeter-wave scanners use radio waves and produce no ionizing radiation. About 500 full-body scanners are in use at American airports.
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