2nd October 2019


Can a child custody order be changed?

Once a family law judge has issued a child custody order, the agreement is legally binding—meaning that unless a modification has been approved by the court, both parents must abide by the terms of that agreement. However, as you may have already realized, life can change dramatically after a divorce.

Besides, do temporary custody orders become permanent?

A temporary custody hearing typically lasts only one hour in Wake County. Temporary custody orders do not become permanent orders without a new order from a judge. However, once a temporary custody order is put in place, it lasts until a date stated in the order, or until a judge makes a new custody ruling.

How much does it cost to get a custody change?

How much does it cost to file a Petition to Change Parenting Plan? If you file in the same county that entered your parenting plan, the court will charge you a $30 - $56 filing fee. If you file in a different county, or under a different case number, the filing fee will be between $200 and $205.

Can a temporary custody order be changed?

If a parent violates the terms of either a temporary or permanent order, the other parent can file a petition with the court for enforcement. Modifying or changing either type of custody order is usually more difficult. Judges are unlikely to change temporary orders because, by their very nature, they're not forever.
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