18th November 2019


Can a child be slightly autistic?

People with autism spectrum disorder must have certain symptoms in order to qualify for the diagnosis. If the symptoms appear for the first time after a child is three years old, they will not qualify for an autism diagnosis. They may, however, be diagnosed with the less severe Social Communication Disorder.

Moreover, what is Level 1 autism spectrum disorder?

Individuals with level 1 autism spectrum disorder experience deficits in social communication which causes noticeable impairments when supports are not present. These individuals often find it difficult to initiate social interactions and demonstrate atypical or unsuccessful responses to social advances of others.

What is a high functioning form of autism?

High-functioning autism (HFA) is a term applied to people with autism who are deemed to be cognitively "higher functioning" (with an IQ of 70 or greater) than other people with autism. The amount of overlap between HFA and Asperger syndrome is disputed.
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