29th June 2020


Are you on the call or in the call?

"On" is more often used to describe someone who is in the process of taking part in a call more generally. "Will you be on that call this afternoon?". But you could equally say "in" here. The phrase "on a call" can also mean making a visit, usually an official one.

Likewise, people ask, what does take a call mean?

The normal, simple meaning of "take a call" is to decide to receive a phone call. For example a leader of one country would 'take a call' from another to discuss some issue, as opposed to 'not taking a call' meaning that they don't want to discuss.

Similarly, what does you make the call mean?

To make the call means to make a decision. This is why bosses, presidents, parents, and other leaders are always making the call. They are responsible for making choices that affect other people.

What is a final call?

The End of Watch Call or Last Radio Call is a ceremony in which, after a police officer's death (usually in the line of duty but sometimes from illness), the officers from his or her unit or department gather around a police radio, over which the police dispatcher issues one call to the officer, followed by a silence,

When to say it's up to you?

You say "It's up to you" when someone asks you to make a decision but you want them to decide: A: Which one should we get? B: It's up to you. When a decision is "up to" someone, that means that they are the one who can decide.
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