26th November 2019


Are wasps deadly?

So why are wasps so dangerous? They are never aggressive unless their nests are threatened. This makes them look harmless. However, if they sting you, it is very painful and can be fatal since their sting produces a deadly anaphylactic reaction in some people who have allergies.

Simply so, can you die from eating a wasp?

Dead bees and wasps, however, pose far less risk. The 'stinger' might cause an abrasion in the mouth or elsewhere, but the venom would not likely present a problem. Hence, a wasp - or a half a wasp - might simply add a bit of garnish to a salad. The 'end' result of ingesting a wasp or bee is usually unremarkable.

How many wasp stings would be fatal?

The generally accepted lowest number for toxic amount due to numerous stings is 20 stings per kilogram. So for a 75 kg person a fatal amount would take 1500 stings. However, for about 8% of the population, they have a systemic reaction to the bee sting called anaphylaxis and just a single sting can prove to be fatal.
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