16th October 2019


Are there lysosomes in a plant cell?

Lysosomes are membrane bounded organelles found in animal and plant cells. They vary in shape, size and number per cell and appear to operate with slight differences in cells of yeast, higher plants and mammals.Lysosomes contribute to a dismantling and re-cycling facility.

Why plant cells do not have lysosomes?

Lysosomes usually digest macro-molecules that somehow get through the plasma membrane. macro-molecules are also called as "big" molecules or foreign matter, like bacteria or non-functional organelles. plant cells don't really have that problem, because the plant cells have cell walls.

Why are lysosomes rare in plant cells?

Lysosomes are found in nearly every animal-like eukaryotic cell. They are so common in animal cells because, when animal cells take in or absorb food, they need the enzymes found in lysosomes in order to digest and use the food for energy. On the other hand, lysosomes are not commonly-found in plant cells.
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