12th November 2019


Are snails good or bad for your garden?

Q: Snails have really been chewing up my garden plants and they are so difficult to control. A friend told me that there is a good kind of snail that will wipe out the bad snails. A: Brown snails can cause quite a bit of damage in the garden, especially during the cool damp days of spring.

Likewise, how do snails and slugs eat?

Slugs are not picky eaters. They crawl along the ground munching anything digestible, from decomposing plants to dead animals. In the garden, they may eat tender young plants, bits of compost, fungi, and all sorts of rotting matter, even paper or cardboard.

Do garden slugs bite?

Slugs consume around forty times their weight in the space of a day. They can also stretch to approximately twenty times their length in order to squeeze through narrow gaps. 15. Believe it or not, slugs have the ability to bite - they have approximately 27,000 teeth!

What do slugs like to eat?

Tender Leaves. Slugs eat a diverse range of plants, including the leaves of vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants in your yard. They have a preference for young, tender plants and will eat both the stems and leaves, destroying the plant.
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