21st November 2019


Are old mercury thermometers accurate?

“The most accurate thermometers were within 0.5 degree of our medical thermometer, and all but one were at least good at repeating a retaken temperature. They describe the move from the standard glass, mercury-filled thermometers, how to dispose of these, and what to consider when purchasing an electronic thermometer.

Also know, how does a non mercury thermometer work?

Spirit thermometers use a non-toxic alcohol instead of mercury to register the temperature. Like liquid mercury, the alcohol expands in volume as it gets warmer, causing the liquid to move up the thin tube inside the glass thermometer. The temperature is then displayed on the thermometer screen.

How do you shake down a mercury thermometer?

Grasp the end of the thermometer that is opposite the bulb end with your fingers and thumb. The stem ends in a knob (usually colored either blue or red) that helps you to hold onto the thermometer during the shaking down process. Shake the thermometer down using quick, sharp, downward wrist motions (figure 2-2).

Is galinstan toxic?

galinstan alloy is non-toxic and can be safely cleaned in cases of breakage. Also, as opposed to mercury, disposal of Galinstan and Galinstan thermometers does not pose any serious environmental threat.
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