2nd October 2019


Are lr44 and sr44 batteries interchangeable?

A genuine SR44 or 357 cell is hard to find, and the alkaline LR44, which is the same size button, and same nominal voltage, is very common and easy to find. Be careful: most retailers don't know the difference between LR44 (alkaline) and SR44 (silver oxide) and act like they are interchangeable, when they aren't.

Also, is lr41 same as 392?

These work great in my pointer; and are exactly same size as LR41 that they replace. Comments about Duracell 384/392B Watch Battery (SR41, GS3, G3, LR41): The 384/392 button is significantly larger than the space for an LR41.

What battery is the same as lr41?

Duracell 384/392B Watch Battery (SR41, GS3, G3, LR41 Replacement) Duracell 1.55V Silver Oxide Battery replacement for : Watches, thermometers, handheld games, calculators, and more. diameter 7. Aa, aaa new lr41 battery equivalent products.
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