28th November 2019


Are fish scales made out of keratin?

Scales occur on fishes and reptiles. Fish scales are made from more than just keratin. They are often derived from bone in the deeper layers of the skin (the middle section of tissues called the mesoderm), which are named the dermal layer.

In this regard, what is the main function of the scales on a fish?

By observing fish scales under the microscope. Fish have upon their skin, hard plates forming scales which have various functions. Firstly, they protect the skin from attacks by predators, parasites and other injuries.

What is the scales on a fish?

Scales vary enormously in size, shape, structure, and extent, ranging from strong and rigid armour plates in fishes such as shrimpfishes and boxfishes, to microscopic or absent in fishes such as eels and anglerfishes. Cartilaginous fishes (sharks and rays) are covered with placoid scales.

What are the three types of scales in fish?

How many types of scales are there?
  • Placoid (sharks and rays)
  • Cosmoid (lungfishes and some fossil fishes)
  • Ganoid (bichirs , Bowfin, paddlefishes, gars, sturgeons)
  • Cycloid and Ctenoid (most bony fishes)
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