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Are constants Monomials?

(1): A monomial, also called power product, is a product of powers of variables with nonnegative integer exponents, or, in other words, a product of variables, possibly with repetitions. The constant 1 is a monomial, being equal to the empty product and x0 for any variable x.

In this manner, what is a Monomial in math?

A monomial is an expression in algebra that contains one term, like 3xy. Monomials include: numbers, whole numbers and variables that are multiplied together, and variables that are multiplied together.

What is the difference between Monomial trinomial and binomial?

You call an expression with a single term a monomial, an expression with two terms is a binomial, and an expression with three terms is a trinomial. An expression with more than three terms is named simply by its number of terms. For example a polynomial with five terms is called a five-term polynomial.

How do you do Monomials?

When you multiply monomials, you will need to perform two steps:
  1. Multiply the coefficients (Numbers)
  2. Multiply the variables. (Use the laws of exponents when necessary)
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