2nd October 2019


Are coated paper plates recyclable?

Pizza Boxes, Used Paper Towels and Plates. Many people assume that pizza boxes are recyclable. In fact, most boxes have recycling symbols on them and are traditionally made from corrugated cardboard. Food is one of the worst contaminants in the paper recycling process.

Regarding this, are paper plates safe to microwave?

Yes! According to the The Huffington Post, Most paper plates, cups and napkins are safe to use in the microwave. According to the USDA, it's best to use plain white ones without any printed material on them.

Are Dixie paper plates microwave safe?

Our products can be used safely in a microwave for reheating food. However, the capabilities of the microwave, the type of food and reheating practices all vary, so we do not make any specific guarantees about the use of our plates and bowls in the microwave. Our cups and plates are recyclable.
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