7th December 2019


Are Catfish blind?

Rare translucent blind catfish discovered in Texas. Two Mexican blind catfish discovered in an underwater cave near Del Rio, Texas. With the discovery, the U.S. now has a total of three blind catfish species, all of which were found in Texas. The two other species are the toothless blindcat and the widemouth blindcat.

In this way, what colors do fish see the best?

2 Lure colors that are visible to fish change with increasing water depths. 3 Bright colors look drab to a fish if presented in deep water. 4 In clear water, longer color wavelengths (like red) are visible in the shallows and shorter wavelengths (like blue) are visible in the depths.

Do catfish have good eyesight?

Catfish can detect days in advance a lot of earthquakes because they have an ultra-sensitivity to low frequency vibrations.” Catfish also have excellent senses of touch and sight. “Channel catfish, in particular, have great eyesight,” says Caprio. The lack of scales heightens the catfish's sense of touch as well.

What color are fish attracted to the most?

So, if a fishing light source is intense enough, other light colors will also attract. For example, a sodium vapor light with its characteristic yellow color will attract fish — if intense enough. A fishing light attractor can also be white light because a portion of its total energy is in the blue to green region.
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