2nd October 2019


Are Buddhist monks allowed to get married?

Lamas who take bhik?u vows are not allowed to marry. The Nyingma school includes a mixture of bhik?us and non-celibate ngakpas, and it is not unusual for lamas to wear robes closely resembling monastic garb despite them not being bhik?us. Sakya school does not allow monks to get close to women after they have sons.

In respect to this, what is a Buddhist monk allowed to own?

Along with the robe, a monk is only allowed to have or own one alms bowl (pali: pata) which is the monks requisite for food, the alms round (pali: pindapata). Also the monk is allowed to carry medicines, but the rules stipulate medicines made from fermented urine. Whether that urine is human or animal is not mentioned.

What does a monk do?

Within Roman Catholicism, a monk is a member of a religious order who lives a communal life in a monastery, abbey, or priory under a monastic rule of life (such as the Rule of St. Benedict). The religious vows taken in the West were first developed by St. Benedict.
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